Back-to-School Medication Management - Medicine on Time
Aug 08

Back-to-School Medication Management

With the summer nearly over, it’s time for parents to go through the yearly routine of back-to-school shopping. From pencils to backpacks to new shoes, it can seem like a mad rush to get everything they need before that much-anticipated first day of school. For new parents and veterans of the school system alike, it can be easy to forget what is usually not on the list at all: medication.

Children who are on medication cannot hold onto it themselves at school, it must be administered through the school nurse. It’s not as easy as just taking out the required pills for the week: it must be properly labeled with all the information that the prescription bottle at home would contain. Who else to help ease this transition than your friendly neighborhood pharmacist? We’ve put together a few tips and tricks that community pharmacists can utilities when getting their pediatric patients’ medication ready to go for the new school year.

Encourage Parents to Start Early

Medication management can be tricky – more so if you don’t know the school’s medication policy. Encourage parents to obtain information on medication administration policy, including any forms they will need to have filled out by the child’s physician. In the back-to-school rush, those appointment times can fill up fast! While policies are available on the school district’s website, it’s important to remind parents to check with the specific school, as there may be additional forms required.

Find the Right Packaging

Even with charts and forms dictating when doses have been given, it can be hard to keep hundreds of student’s medications in order. So, while an extra labeled pill bottle is acceptable, there are so many benefits to using compliance packaging for your child’s daily medication. Medicine-On-Time now has multiple options to keep medication in order – for the right dose, every time.

Our traditional calendar card system, in conjunction with our software, offers a unique day care packaging option that’s ideal for more complex medication regimes. Only one pill required during the school day? Look no further than our single dose punch cards! Still numbered out, it is easy to see which dose is coming up next. Don’t need or want software? Our brand-new line of compliance packaging offers a multitude of options with plenty of space for proper labeling and instructions. For more details on our new packaging, visit our website at or email!

Educate the Child

While keeping everything packaged and labeled goes a long way, it’s important for the child to at least have a general knowledge of what they are taking and why. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should ideally understand why they need it, what it looks like, how they take it, and how often/when they need to take it. While not every child will understand that, given age or development, the more they understand, the easier it is to keep their child on track.
These few tips, while minor, can help set the tone for the whole school year. Help parents start off on the right foot, one patient at a time.