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Medicine-On-Time, LLC (Medicine-On-Time) and Clinical Support Services (CSS) announced today the formation of Star MTM, LLC, into which CSS’s business will be merged. CSS will continue to operate its national MTM software and services business from its Buffalo, New York headquarters under the CSS name, and will have access to additional resources to drive continued growth and program enhancement.

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Along with our booth setup, we’re offering an inside look at Medicine-On-Time’s integrated software — demos are scheduled for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

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Medicine-On-Time is currently recruiting a Regional Account Manager for a full-time salaried position in the growing industry of Medication Adherence, Pharmacy Software and Pharmacy Compliance Packaging.

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We’re pleased to let you know that Medicine-On-Time is now in a new facility.

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Medicine-On-Time, LLC (Medicine-On-Time) announced today the addition of Todd Siegel, former President and CEO of MTS Medication Technologies, Inc., and longtime pharmacy automation and packaging industry leader, to its Board of Managers.

Medicine-On-Time is inviting pharmacists, patients and caregivers to explore its new website that officially launched today. The new site has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality, allowing customers to access detailed product information and resources. Customers have the option to share information across all major social networking sites.