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Medicine-On-Time’s software is filled with many features – some you may need every day, and some you didn’t even know you needed! One of our many features is the ability to create separate labels for a day care or similar type of situation. Simply follow the steps below, and you’ll have day care packaging in no time!

When it seems like the work is piling up and your resources aren’t enough to cover it all, creating effective shortcuts is a must. Even small changes in your daily routine can add up to time saved. Setting report defaults in Medicine-On-Time’s software can improve your efficiency, whether it’s done globally or by the facility.

Medication change? No worries! Occasionally, during a patient’s medication cycle, a prescriber may change the medication that a patient is taking. If this occurs, then the patient’s cards must be corrected. The facility or caregiver should deliver the patient’s cards to the pharmacy so that the pharmacy may correct them. After the pharmacy receives the cards, they should be adjusted in to Medicine-On-Time system. Check out the following easy steps to handle those medication changes!

Every now and then, mistakes happen. If you find yourself needing to re-print a label for any reason, don’t fret! You can easily correct errors in our software. Simply follow the directions below for a variety of methods to re-print labels.

Need to edit dose schedules for patients, but are worried about the time it would take to redo them? Don’t worry, we’ve outlined a quick way to edit those schedules with ease.

We all look for ways to save time on the job. Whether it’s using keyboard shortcuts to streamlining day-to-day tasks, time is precious and we need to conserve every minute of it. Did you know that you can easily find what you are looking for in your Medicine-On-Time software without having to click through each facility? It’s called the Search and Find feature and it will save you a lot of time!

Do you have questions about Medicine-On-Time‘s software? We’re here to help you!

If your patients are moving to different facilities, don’t panic!

You can easily move a patient’s data to different facilities within your Medicine-On-Time software if Medicine-On-Time is not interfaced with your pharmacy management software.

You can add a patient image in the Medicine-On-time software using the following directions. The patient image can print on the MAR and the card label. This is a very useful tool especially if you are doing facility business, it adds one more level of accuracy to ensure the staff is giving the right medication to the right patient at the right time.

Having a backup plan before trouble starts is the number one measure you can take to save yourself from disaster. With the pharmaceutical industry becoming so technologically driven, it is now more important than ever to back up your files. This month, we’ve pulled together a few tips to protect your files – and your sanity.