Software Tips & Tricks: We’ve Got Your Back - Medicine on Time
Aug 02

Software Tips & Tricks: We’ve Got Your Back

Having a backup plan before trouble starts is the number one measure you can take to save yourself from disaster. With the pharmaceutical industry becoming so technologically driven, it is now more important than ever to back up your files. This month, we’ve pulled together a few tips to protect your files – and your sanity.

Backing Up Using I-Drive

One way to back up your files is the use of I-Drive. This is a cloud-based platform, meaning that the data is stored off-site. These types of backups are more secure and reliable for your business needs. If anything happens to the server, whether it’s physical damage or software, data can be retrieved from the off-site cloud server. To recover your data, simply log in to your account and start downloading your files.

I-Drive backups are scheduled by you to fit your needs Monday through Sunday. You can select the time when the backup is performed, which will run in the background. There is a small yearly fee for this service after the first year.

Backing Up Using a USB/Flash Drive

Before the cloud services were readily available, the use of a USB/Flash Drive was the traditional way of backing up data. The backup is performed on a flash drive that is then stored in a secure place in your pharmacy. You should be sure to store the drive in a place where no one else can take it (accidentally or otherwise). If your pharmacy were ever to become burglarized, losing your equipment/drives would mean losing all your data.

This method can be used along with the cloud-based backup method for additional security. Both types of backups can be performed on the same day, at the same time.