August 2016 - Medicine on Time

As a pharmacist and/or pharmacy owner, you may frequently ask yourself the following question: Is my pharmacy a candidate for automation? Find out here!

Medicine-On-Time offers many new software and hardware features. Here, we’ll tell you tips and tricks for optimizing your Medicine-On-Time medication synchronization program.

Are you utilizing your Medicine-On-Time Work Calendar to its fullest capacity? The most important feature in the Medicine-On-Time software is the Work Calendar. The Work Calendar tracks and maintains every patient, medication and due date for retail and long term care patients serviced by Medicine-On-Time’s program.

Mrs. Gill has been a loyal customer of Medicine-On-Time for over 20 years, since she first embarked on her career in the personal care industry. Read about her experience here!

Medicine-On-Time is a medication management system that eliminates the time-consuming hassle of keeping track of multiple medications.

One step toward eliminating risk in your pharmacy is ensuring multi-dose packages are compliant with USP standards.
Here, we've simplified two of the most important USP regulations along with providing insights into Medicine-On-Time's software.