October 2016 - Medicine on Time

Medicine-On-Time, LLC (Medicine-On-Time) announced today the addition of Todd Siegel, former President and CEO of MTS Medication Technologies, Inc., and longtime pharmacy automation and packaging industry leader, to its Board of Managers.

Are you ready to start marketing your pharmacy business using social media? Not sure where to begin? We have five tips to get you started and keep it going.

The Drug Forecast Report is a tool in MOT’s software that allows you to have control of when you order inventory for a specific group of patients.

Safeguarding medication is important for your safety and others, especially when multiple medication passes occur on a daily basis. In assisted living facilities, medication is required to be stored using the two locks system.

Our friends at ComputerTalk highlighted Cutie Pharma-Care’s insights about Medicine-On-Time in their May/June 2016 issue. Marilyn Goulty, one of the owners of Cutie Pharma-Care, discussed the advantages of implementing Medicine-On-Time’s system into her facility’s workflow.

Do you have questions about Medicine-On-Time‘s software? We’re here to help you! Every month, we offer tips and tricks on this blog to make your workflow run smoothly. This month’s tip is all about customizable named times.

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