November 2016 - Medicine on Time

Are you utilizing your Medicine-On-Time Work Calendar to its fullest capacity? We’ll have you zip through this handy feature in no time!

We’re excited to introduce Paulsen’s Pharmacy as a new Medicine-On-Time customer! Established in 1918, Paulsen’s has a long tradition of providing medication therapy management and customized, synchronized patient care.

With reimbursements at an all-time low, increasing prescription numbers and growing your business is extremely important. Here are five tips to ease growing pains and make yourself available for the most pressing situations in your pharmacy.

Medicine-On-Time’s multi-dose blister cards help patients adhere to complex medication regimens by simplifying the medication administration process in homes or facilities.

If you are currently serving over 100 Medicine-On-Time patients and your plans include exponentially increasing your Medicine-On-Time footprint, then considering Medicine-On-Time’s automation modules is a critical next step for your business plan.

The Card Color Table is a feature in Medicine-On-Time’s software that allows users to customize the color that corresponds to individual administration times.

Medications can be added or discontinued from a facility patient’s drug regimen by a prescriber, requiring multi-dose packages to be modified. This modification is completed by a pharmacist and is known as “correcting and relabeling the facility patient’s customizable medication package.”