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Welcome 2020 NCPA Attendees!

Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health Company encompasses end-to-end solutions for complete patient care.  Our partnership includes clinical services, patient management software, innovative compliance packaging, and business development programs

The combination of products and services in our portfolio have proven to elevate performance scores, improve patient outcomes, and accelerate growth for pharmacies. 

As a Medicine-On-Time pharmacy, you gain access to industry experts who guide you through implementation and give you the confidence you need to create a sustainable adherence program.

Give yourself a new perspective and turn your pharmacy into a profitable and thriving business with Medicine-On-Time as your partner.

Products Offered by Medicine-On-Time

MOT Complete Solution

An image of the MOT Complete Color Coded solution provided by Medicine-On-Time

The MOT Complete System is the solution for any pharmacy servicing any type of patient. Customizable using motNext software, MOT Complete is color coded by time of day with detachable dose cups containing patient and prescription data. Drug images print on the label to increase clarity for patients and caregivers.

Watch this video to learn about MOT Complete

CircuPack Solution

The CircuPack solution is a semi-automated packaging machine powered by motNext software. CircuPack is a solution for pharmacies looking to expand their compliance package offerings without the high startup cost of full automation. This package has a weekly color-coded layout with a unique round design, perfect for patients with dexterity issues. The CircuPack mobile reminder app helps patients stay adherent by delivering an alarm when medications are due to be taken.

Watch this video to learn about CircuPack.

Single Dose and Multi-Dose Start-Up Solutions

Single Dose Solutions

Manufactured in the U.S. at Medicine-On-Time, our products are made with the highest quality materials and meet class B specifications. We offer a variety of heat seal and cold seal solutions at competitive price points. The array of products we offer allow your pharmacy to start or compliment your multi-dose adherence program as well as increase your business with skilled nursing, assisted living, correctional facilities and more!

Multi-Dose Start-Up Solutions

For pharmacy businesses just starting their adherence program, Multi-Dose Start-Up Solutions simplify medication regimens for patients.

Services from Medicine-On Time

Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health Company partners with pharmacies to improve performance, patient outcomes, and accelerate profitability and growth.

Watch this video to learn about Medicine-On-Time.

Customer Support

We’d like to introduce you to our team of talented and dedicated Medicine-On-Time employees! Meet Michael Flory Ogletree, our Customer Support Supervisor.

Our team of IT professionals and Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technicians answer phones live and work with your business to diagnose and resolve your issues with little to no downtime. They have extensive experience with medication adherence and workflow management.  Your staff will receive training and support needed to implement and maintain a successful program.

Marketing Services

Dedicated and results-driven marketing professionals work directly with your pharmacy staff to elevate your marketing program. We provide the tools and coaching you need to market your solutions and help you reach the target markets you value most.

Business Development Services

With the right resources, your adherence program can help your pharmacy improve performance, retain customers, and accelerate growth. Our team of experts help you do just that.  Training programs, resources, and one-on-one consultations guide you through the steps for success.

Hindsight is 20/20… don’t wait until the calendar turns to improve your business!

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