Our History - Medicine on Time

Our History

Pioneers in the Industry

As one of the original companies in the medication synchronization and multi-dose medication adherence packaging market, we’ve spent the last three decades improving patient quality of life through safe, accurate solutions to medication management.


The First of its Kind

Medicine-On-Time develops the very first multi-dose prescription package, which utilizes existing "heat seal" technology, as well as the first multi-dose software.


Successful Implementation

The Medicine-On-Time system is successfully implemented in two pharmacies.


Compliance Experts

United States Pharmacopeia creates the Customized Patient Medication Package Guidelines, and Medicine-On-Time is fully compliant with the new labeling, Class B package, and record-keeping standards. They maintain compliance with all 50 State Boards of Pharmacy regulations.


Growth in the Southeast

16 pharmacies across Virginia and North Carolina now use Medicine-On-Time.


A Software Partner

Medicine-On-Time partners with ComputeRx/QS1 to develop 2nd generation software designed to interface with pharmacy system.


Corporations Take Notice

Marriott Corporation (Brighton Gardens ALF) implements Medicine-On-Time into 130 of their nationwide facilities. Their internal study reflects a 50% reduction time in direct labor cost, as well as reduction in liability and increased accuracy with medication administration.


Nationwide Expansion

Over 250 pharmacies across 46 states implement Medicine-On-Time.


Seamless Software

Third-generation software, which interfaces with 95% of all pharmacy management systems, is developed.


Experts in Efficiency

The release of Medicine-On-Time’s High Capacity dose cup and patented Quick Release calendar frames further reduces dispensing and administration times.


An Effective Study

Medicine-On-Time participates in a University of South Carolina/SC Medicaid Demonstration Study, (which was supported with funds from Title 19 of the Social Security Act through CMS and SCDHHS) to quantify risk reduction and cost avoidance for skilled nursing facility, emergency department, and inpatient hospitalization admissions as a result of medication mismanagement.


Meaningful Results

Results of the South Carolina study prove an overall reduction in ER visits and hospitalizations, and a 66% risk reduction of skilled nursing facility admissions, reflecting exponential cost savings.


Partners in Progress

Three private equity firms (HealthEdge Partners, Brook Venture, and Eagle Private Capital) acquire Medicine-On-Time, allowing them to dramatically increase their network of pharmacies nationwide.


Superior Packaging

Medicine-On-Time implements digital printing with laser sheet-fed labels and KlearKote dosage cups, with features that include drug images, patient pictures, barcoding, and color-coding on the multi-dose calendar packs.