Advanced Feature: Card Grouping - Medicine on Time
Jan 23

Advanced Feature: Card Grouping

Medicine-On-Time’s software is packed with features that make managing prescriptions a breeze. While there are many popular features that get used every day, there are a few little known advanced features that may prove beneficial for certain patients.

The card grouping feature in MOT software allows users to select certain prescriptions that they would like to be packaged together. This benefit is great for medications that need to be packed together, such as volatile drugs, or medications that are changed frequently, such as psychotropic drugs or blood thinners.

To separate cards into groups, take the following steps:

1. Select the patient in which you wish to separate medications
2. Click on their RX tab
3. Click the drop-down menu labeled “group” on the prescriptions that you would like to separate.
4. Select a group number (1, 2, 3...) to bundle the prescriptions you wish to have together
5. Hit save
6. Print as normal - the labels will look exactly the same, with the exception of the medications separated on multiple card labels as per your selection.

For more information on how to access this advanced feature, contact Customer Support at 800.722.8824, option 2.