How to Access Your Record Keeping Report
Dec 05

How to Access Your Record Keeping Report

Medicine-On-Time’s software offers many options to streamline your workflow and maintain records.

One versatile and important feature is the Record Keeping Report.

Finding the Record Keeping Report

The Record Keeping Report for multi-dose requirements can be found in your Medicine-On-Time software. Here are simple instructions on how to find this report:

1. From the Labels and Reports menu, choose List

2. Select the CPMP Record Keeping Report option

3. Select the View icon

4. Enter a date range

Printing the Report

Printing select pages of the report can be accomplished by:

1. Clicking the Print Option window

2. Choose Pages

3. Enter the page or page range (i.e. 1, 5-8, 12-15)

4. Print!

You have successfully found and printed the Record Keeping Report.

If you need assistance navigating your Medicine-On-Time software, please contact Customer Support at 800-722-8824 Option 2.