Make a Difference with Every Kid Healthy Week
Apr 03

Make a Difference with Every Kid Healthy Week

Put your pharmacy on the map and become a community leader!

Plan events to promote Every Kid Healthy Week from April 23-29, 2017, a week that’s dedicated to improving students’ overall health and wellness.

The Details

Each year, Every Kid Healthy Week celebrates school health and wellness achievements during the last week of April. Every Kid Healthy Week’s goal is to highlight how their partners are improving students’ well being in and out of the classroom. This annual event stresses the importance about how proper nutrition and regular physical activity contributes to academic success, because healthy kids are more prepared to learn! 

Make an Impact

How can your pharmacy organize Every Kid Healthy Week events? Action for Healthy Kids provides the following tips to get the whole community involved:

1. Promote Clean Eating Habits

Host a healthy foods taste test with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products.

2. Stay Active

Invite a local gym or fitness trainer to lead a family Zumba, yoga or other fitness class.

3. Tap into Your Green Thumb

Sponsor a school garden or refresh an existing neighborhood garden.

4. Host a Walk-A-Thon

Invite parents and students to participate in a neighborhood walk-a-thon.

5. Game On!

Check out Game On for ideas, resources and step-by-step guidance on how to engage volunteers.

6. Get Inspired

Seek inspiration by reading success stories.

While hosting these events, you can educate customers about how your Medicine-On-Time solution simplifies medication regimens for your children when they’re at summer camp.    

Let Kids Be Kids

Medication adherence shouldn’t prevent children from enjoying their summer, especially if they’re attending camp for one week, several weeks or even an entire month.

Medicine-On-Time simplifies the medication management process for everyone involved, assuring camp directors and parents that medications are properly

packaged for your child’s needs. Medicine-On-Time packages medications on a daily, weekly or monthly basis by the time of day medications need to be administered.

Need advice on what to ask camp advisors about medication management? Request our new summer camp brochure today by emailing for a direct, digital download.

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