Meet Cascade Pharmacy - Medicine on Time
Jun 12

Meet Cascade Pharmacy

We’re excited to introduce Cascade Pharmacy, a family owned business that officially opened the doors in the 1960’s. The retail pharmacy has changed hands a few times over the years but has been owned and operated by the same family since 2008. Corey Donovon, leads the marketing efforts and is sharing a unique marketing approach that works well for his pharmacy. {Hint} It goes perfectly with our new Physician brochure we’re rolling out this month. Read on to learn more about Cascade Pharmacy and their marketing efforts that may spark some new ideas for your pharmacy.

“We have the fortunate opportunity to be serving three generations of families in some cases. We take a lot of pride in this, especially since we are situated within a small community and surrounded by more rural small communities.”

You currently have 75 patients on MOT, how has Medicine-On-Time helped grow your pharmacy business?

Medicine-On-Time fills a service gap in our pharmacy and allows us to offer a unique solution in compliance packaging that truly simplifies and improves the medication management process.

You currently market the pharmacy to Physician groups and have found success with this effort, can you breakdown your process to get the Physicians and their staff on board?

The way we market to physicians is simple:

  • Align with the nurse practitioners and communicate the benefit to their patient’s outcomes by improving their patient’s medication compliance
  • Follow up with a luncheon at this point and present to the entire staff
  • Officially On-board the office staff with the MOT program, it is very important to execute a CE with the office every quarter since there will be inevitable turnover within the office

Cascade Pharmacy has set a goal of 200 MOT patients this year. Can you tell us some additional tactics you use to marketing MOT to your community?

“From a tech perspective, we are using our website, facebook, and google Adwords. Internally, we are utilizing our pharmacy software system (Pioneer Rx) to identify current patients that would benefit from MOT and reaching out to them by phone or approaching them during their next refill. The final way we get the MOT word out is through networking with our Dr.’s Offices and at local senior events within the community. This has been very beneficial for our growth. This can be difficult to do with time being the constraint, but it is a must and can be done.”

What would you recommend to a pharmacy who is just getting started with Medicine-On-Time?

Make sure you have a very strong Medsync process and Medsync patient base prior to starting. Prepare your employees early, over train and over-communicate during the on-boarding process.

Why does Cascade Pharmacy build a presence and an awareness of your pharmacy service offerings in your community?

“We want to impact our community by being more active in each of our patient’s health goals and outcomes. Healthy people make healthy communities, says Donovon.”