Meet McCarthy’s Pharmacy - Medicine on Time
May 04

Meet McCarthy’s Pharmacy

Medication adherence shouldn’t prevent patients from enjoying their summer, especially if they’re headed to camp. Medicine-On-Time simplifies the medication management process for everyone involved, assuring camp directors and parents alike that medications are properly packaged based on the needs of the patient.

We’re excited to introduce you to one MOT customer who saw the dog days of summer as an opportunity to offer something unique to patients and the community.

Meet McCarthy’s Pharmacy.

Jim Myers, Manager of McCarthy’s Pharmacy remembers when his summers at McCarthy’s were a bit different. 22 years ago, Jim began his career with the pharmacy as a cashier after school. He knows the pharmacy and the community well and wanted to offer something different that would also bring in extra business during the summer months.

In 2013, the pharmacy began to offer their patients the opportunity to do something they may otherwise never have the chance to do; attend summer camp. “The patients love it, adherence is close to 100%,” says Myers. The pharmacy now packages medications for 500 campers each summer and they are not stopping there. Offering patients this service allows the pharmacy to gain additional exposure to many other facilities.

“Good customer, personal service allows the pharmacy to maintain such a wide network of campers,” says Myers. They get the word out about their service any way they can and have added an additional 300 patients on top of the 500 summer camp patients they service during those specific months. “The concept of MOT allows med passes easier and more accurate for the facilities we fill for.” McCarthy’s has five staff members dedicated to the Medicine-On-Time System. “We sync the medications and then transition to the MOT system.”

Daily, weekly, and monthly options allow patients to arrive at any camp experience with their medications packaged together in color-coded calendar cards that make administration easy, efficient, and accurate. Each detachable dose cup contains the exact meds the patient needs to take and is labeled with the patient’s name, cup contents, and the precise time to take them. With 30+ years’ experience to back it up, our system takes the guesswork out of managing medication, leaving more time for songs around the campfire.

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