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May 04

Meet the Team: Perry Larson, Medicine-On-Time’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing

We’d like to introduce you to our talented and dedicated team! Meet Perry Larson, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Getting to Know Perry

Perry began his career in the pharmacy industry in 1987 with MTS Medication Technologies. He was hired as the first salesman for this start up company. Perry’s responsibilities included nearly everything from gathering the necessary materials needed to sell the product, to packaging and shipping automated dispensing machines.

Over the years, Perry has held several positions at MTS ranging from Sales Representative to the Vice President of Sales North America under Omnicell, MTS’s acquisitor. Prior to fulfilling the position of Vice President of Sales North America, he served as the Chief Business Development Officer, reporting to a board of directors.

Perry has been an integral part of the pharmacy industry for 28 years. His inventions and contributions have established the market for medication adherence solutions.  

Fulfilling a Mission

“I consider myself a selling professional. Most time spent in a selling career is with customers and maintaining face-to-face interactions with people. All aspects of the engagement process with an interested party is what excites me and is what I really enjoy. It’s the human interaction piece of the job.”

What motivates Perry is making a difference in the lives of others. “Medicine-On-Time makes a difference in a lot of lives. Our mission statement is our purpose. It states to improve patients’ quality of life by providing a common sense solution to medication management. We make a difference for patients, caregivers, facility managers, physicians and health system executives. Medicine-On-Time impacts all of this.”

Cultivating Talent

Perry’s motivation for impacting others’ lives doesn’t end at work. He founded Blue Butterfly Productions in June 2015 with his wife, Michelle. Blue Butterfly Productions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable arts organization. Within Blue Butterfly Productions is Theatre eXceptional, an organization that produces plays and other live theater opportunities for adults with disabilities. Productions are hosted in local, renowned centers in Tampa, Florida. Theatre eXceptional produces two plays each year, raising awareness and eliminating the stigma often placed on disability and mental illness.

“Many adults with disabilities have extraordinary talents. In Florida, disabled persons (specifically children) have a lot of services available to them with the public-school system and state agencies. Once a child becomes an adult, those programs and services are unavailable, and their talents go unrecognized. We give these people the opportunity to perform [through Theatre eXceptional].”

Theatre eXceptional engages the greater Tampa Bay theater industry and has a
broad network of support in the community. One of the largest assisted living operators, The Palms, in St. Petersburg, Florida and the Tampa Bay Lightning Foundation fully support Theatre eXceptional’s mission.

To learn more about Blue Butterfly Productions and Theatre eXceptional, visit their website and Facebook page:

Become familiar with the entire team! Stay tuned for more Medicine-On-Time team profiles next month.

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