Meet the Warehouse Team - Medicine on Time
Jun 12

Meet the Warehouse Team

With our new location, we gained new team members. We’re excited to introduce you to the team that operates our warehouse.

Michael Stevenson

Where were you born?
Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

How do you hope to impact our new manufacturing process and this part of our business?
Bring my knowledge to help grow the business and grow the employees working with me.

What do you want your fellow colleagues to know about you?
That I am very employee-focused and want to see their success in business and personal life.

Noble Rogers

Where were you born?
Terre Haute, Indiana

How long have you lived in Florida?
28 years

What brought you to Medicine-On-Time?
I left my job of 27 years to join the Medicine-On-Time team because of the people here at Medicine-On-Time and the chance to be a part of a great team.

What do you want your fellow colleagues to know about you?
I’m a 13-year Veteran. Three years in the Army and 10 years’ reserves. I have been in the Printing Manufacturing business for 37 years. I have worked as a Drill Instructor in the US ARMY and I was also a Press Operator and a Master Pressman for Bemis in Indiana for 10 Years.