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The Medicine-On-Time System

Our complete system includes an optional workstation, robust software, Board Approved compliance packaging, and a network of support mechanisms.

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    Comprehensive Workstation

    The optional all-inclusive workstation houses a complete set of components to simplify medication management. Ask your Medicine-On-Time representative about the workstation.

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    Integrated Software

    Robust workflow software seamlessly integrates into top pharmacy management systems.

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    Compliance Packaging

    Air-tight, Board Approved compliance packaging provides safe, accurate medication delivery.

Integrated Software

The Medicine-On-Time system is powered by a robust workflow software that accommodates even the most challenging and complex dose schedules. Seamlessly integrating into more than 50 of the industry’s top pharmacy management systems, our software streamlines pharmacy workflow and increases efficiency.

Creates a Seamless Pharmacy Workflow

  • Integrates with pharmacy dispensing software
  • Works smoothly with top pharmacy management systems
  • Interfaces with 3rd party programs
  • Automation machine integration
  • Built-in capabilities like flash forms
  • Medication synchronization functionality adds convenience to patient refills

Customizable to Your Pharmacy’s Needs

  • Custom color labels with patient
    and drug images
  • Unit and multi-dose packaging
  • Services retail and LTC patients
  • Flexible dispensing options
  • Weekly and monthly administration times
  • Sequential format for single drug
    PRN or stat therapies
  • Varied charting forms and reports

Superior Packaging Solutions

Our customizable compliance packaging keeps medications air-tight, while our unique labeling system includes important information like the name, strength, quantity, physical description, and photo of each drug contained in the calendar card.

Color-Coded Synchronization System

Medications are organized into detailed color-coded calendar cards and customized to a patient’s individual needs.

  • Sturdy, color-coded calendar cards indicate the time of day when medications should be taken
  • Custom laser labels have compliance details clearly printed on all touchpoints
  • Customizable number of days in calendar card
  • Calendar layout matches traditional calendar

Secure, Detachable Dose Cups

With standard or high capacity dose cup options, Medicine-On-Time’s signature packaging accommodates patients with varying medication regimens.

  • Contains the exact meds the patient needs to take, labeled
    with the time to take them
  • Capacity for up to 12 medications in one high capacity dose cup
  • Compliance details clearly printed on each dose cup


  • Efficiency Tools

  • In-Depth Training

  • Marketing Resources

  • Automation Options

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