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The Medicine-On-Time Single Dose Solution

Medicine-On-Time is proud to introduce our single dose solutions for medication management. Used alone or in conjunction with multiple medication dispensing systems, the Medicine-On-Time single dose medication card can help improve patient care and ensure confidence for pharmacists, facilities, and caregivers, as well as home-based patients with specific disease state and chronic conditions.

Who We Serve

  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Retirement Communities
  • Home Care Providers
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Behavioral Institutions
  • Group Homes

Medicine-On-Time's single dose heat-sealed medication cards are manufactured to the highest standards defined by the US Pharmacopeia and are rated as a class 'B' package, Made of high quality cardboards, our medication cards are sealed with Medicine-On-Time med card blisters to provide a dependable package that meet the expectations of pharmacists, caretakers, and facility managers alike.

Our Single Dose Cards & Products

  • Single Dose Blisters - Medium or XL
    Made of high quality plastics, our medication card blisters provide a superior barrier against moisture and gas transmission.
  • Sealing Paddles & Trays
    Medicine-On-Time medication cards are compatible with most supplier's sealing paddles and sealing trays. We offer a double sealing tray that works with all Medicine-On-Time medication cards and manual heat sealers
  • 30 Dose Demand Fill Medication Card
  • 31 Dose Demand Fill Medication Card
  • 31 Dose Cycle Fill Medication Card

Unit of Measure

Medicine-On-Time medication cards and blisters are delivered in corresponding
quantities of 250 cards and 250 blisters per carton. There are six SKUs in the product line:

  • #631 - 30 Dose Medication Card - Medium Blister
  • #634 - 30 Dose Medication Card - XL Blister
  • #636 - 31 Dose Medication Card - Medium Blister
  • #639 - 31 Dose Medication Card - XL Blister
  • #641 - 31 Dose Cycle Fill Medication Card - Medium Blister
  • #644 - 31 Dose Cycle Fill Medication Card - XL Blister

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