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Jun 12

New Medicine-On-Time Marketing Materials Available This Month

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the newest marketing piece that you can begin to leverage immediately. Request your digital Physician Brochure by sending an email to

Increase Patient Medication Adherence Rates by Eliminating the Burden of Counting Pills

Medicine-On-Time simplifies medication management and increases patient adherence. Using our simple, color-coded calendar cards, pharmacy staff packages medications into proper dosages and labels them to encourage consistent patient compliance. Each dose cup is clearly labeled with patient name, day/date/time, and cup contents, making it easy and convenient for patients to maintain and prolong independence, even when managing complex disease states.

For 30+ years, Medicine-On-Time has impacted patient quality of life through proven, simple solutions for medication management.

In addition to providing multi-dose management solutions, Medicine-On-Time pharmacists also provide an evaluation of each patient’s medication regimen. They work closely with both the patient and their physician to develop an individualized plan around the drug-therapy treatment recommendations.
Through Medicine-On-Time, physicians can improve the overall lives of their patients who are finding it challenging to manage multiple medications each day, week, or month.