Pharmacy Profile: Wilcox Pharmacy - Medicine on Time
Sep 18

Pharmacy Profile: Wilcox Pharmacy

Nestled in the heart of the Rutland, Vermont, Wilcox Pharmacy is a favorite among both practitioners and patients. Wilcox started serving the Rutland community in 1984, growing into their team today of 21 team members! Their partnership with Medicine-On-Time has allowed for strength in business, further cementing their place in the community as a pharmacy that truly serves all customer needs. Read on to learn how they utilized Medicine-On-Time to grow their business!

Do you have anything unique about your community and/or pharmacy location?

Wilcox Pharmacy has an ideal location in Rutland Vermont. We’re directly across from the Rutland Regional Medical Center and in the heart of the medical community. Wilcox started serving the Rutland community in 1984. Currently the pharmacy has 21 team members and we’re growing with the addition of a SynMed robot, which can interface with Medicine-On-Time!

How long have you been a Medicine-On-Time customer?

Ten years and counting! Wilcox Pharmacy was one of the first pharmacies in the area to have a medication compliance system to help folks become organized and more compliant. This is an easy sell product. Patients and their caregivers simply love the ease and their compliance is always improved.

How many staff members do you have trained on Medicine-On-Time?

We have 6 trained staff members.

How are you marketing your Medicine-On-Time solution to your community?

Many different avenues are utilized in marketing to our close community. We use bag stuffers, home care organizations, VNA, case workers, and of course word of mouth. I have been to Independent Living facilities where they enjoy having topic talks with their residents. Medicine-On-Time currently has a terrific table-top display promoting conversation that can go near your point of sale area. For us we made it fun for our employees—whoever gets the most leads generated gets to have breakfast with their pharmacist of choice!

What are some tactics you use to grow your business?

We read Medicine-On-Time informational emails and pick and choose what works for our area. You must stay in constant touch with your referral people to share any updates and new approaches to introducing Medicine-On-Time.

How has Medicine-On-Time helped grow your pharmacy business? How do you market to physicians and healthcare groups/facilities?

Marketing Medicine-On-Time to providers/facilities is done along with other marketing efforts that I may be doing. We always keep brochures in the information racks in sitting areas, we make sure the RNs are familiar with the program, and we let the office staff know how to go about talking to the patient and that our pharmacy will do all the work! The patient just gets this nice and organized calendar each month—possibly even delivered to their doorstep if they live within city limits! How easy is that?!

How has your business evolved since using Medicine-On-Time? In other words, where were you when you first joined Medicine-On-Time to now?

The main improvement we have seen is in the compliance adherence area. This is an important issue because not only does the Medicine-On-Time patient add to your business but many times family members, and other potential customers that come through referrals, start coming to Wilcox.

How many patients do you have on Medicine-On-Time?

We have 400 patients using Medicine-On-Time.

What does your staff think of Medicine-On-Time, and how has their workflow changed since implementing Medicine-On-Time? 

We all love the laser print! It’s hard to believe the difference from the original dot matrix printing job. Customer response has been so positive with the change to laser. Clear, easy-to-read printing and the pictures of the medication are great too.