The Pharmacy Rock: A Medicine-On-Time Original
Dec 15

The Pharmacy Rock: A Medicine-On-Time Original

Get ready: the holidays are here!

Whether you're prepared or not, the excitement of the season has arrived.

We have an original and fun song for you by our Pharmacy Optimization Manager, Rebecca Lambeth.

The next time you're busy at the pharmacy, sing your way through the day!

The Pharmacy Rock

By Rebecca Lambeth

(Sing to Jingle Bell Rock)


Ring the bell, ring the bell, I’m on the clock

The pharmacies open, get out the stock

Filling and billing and answer the phone

Don’t count those tablets wrong!


Ring the bell, ring the bell, get it in time

Ten patients waiting, standing in line

The registers broken, this just isn’t fair

I want to pull my hair!


What a great time, for a bad line

To break while people wait

What a fine time, when the call’s mine,

I can’t get this insurance straight.


Write it up, move 'em out

Pick up the phone

Pharmacist on the spot

Check and consulting, that is our goal.

That’s the pharmacy roll!

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