Pharmacy Spotlight: Blount Pharmacy - Medicine on Time
Jul 09

Pharmacy Spotlight: Blount Pharmacy

When specialized attention meets big-box convenience, you know you’ve got the full package. Blount Pharmacy, located in Alcoa, TN, is no exception – this Long-Term Care Pharmacy has been churning out specialized service for 36 years. With over 250 patients on Medicine-On-Time, it’s no wonder that facilities love this pharmacy!

Tell us about your pharmacy, how long have you been in business, how many team members do you have, anything unique about your community and/or pharmacy location?

We are Blount Specialty Pharmacy in Aloca, TN. We are a closed-door pharmacy who services patients in assisted living facilities and independent living patients. We are close to many assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and doctor’s offices. Our value is the fact that we are independent and can improvise with growing change in the industry. We can instantly repackage med changes as we are local and in central location to our facilities. Our patients do not have to wait a day or two to receive their new updated med cards – they get them ASAP.

How do you market your MOT solution to your community?

Word of mouth is our strongest tactic - much of our business currently comes from our strong relationships with local providers and facilities.

How has MOT helped grow your pharmacy business?

The facilities we service love the color coordinated cards. It helps them easily identify times of day to administer meds. We can meet star ratings that providers are required to meet as MOT keeps the patient compliant on their medicines since they are all organized in a convenient package.

What are some tactics you use to grow your business?

Our main tactic is to reach out and meet face-to-face with local facilities and provide and show the value in what we have to offer to our patients. We want to drive our business, keeping patients as the first priority.

How has your business evolved since using MOT? In other words, where were you when you first joined MOT to now?

We always began with MOT so we do not have other products to compare to. It certainly is great to organize medicines in monthly cards for our elderly patients. Our patients like this service, as they do not have to keep with multiple bottles in their homes and organizing in the weekly pill boxes. In using MOT, we are eliminating the patient’s struggle of arranging meds themselves in pill boxes.

How many patients do you have on Medicine-On-Time?

We currently have around 250 patients on Medicine-On-Time.

What does your staff think of MOT? How has their workflow changed since implementing MOT?

My staff loves the MOT system. They can see the difference it is making in patients' lives and are able to see the value of what we do using the MOT. My staff has a great management system, which especially helps with med changes.

What are your patient adherence rates for MOT?

We have a 99% adherence rate, as the patients only use our service to be compliant to their medication regimen prescribed by their providers. As a majority of our patients are geriatric patients, there are times when they are admitted to the hospital which can affect the adherence rate.

What are your goals for the year?

Our goal is growth. We are seeking more growth in our long-term care business. We want to acquire more assisted living facilities.

How do you want to impact your community?

We want to provide exceptional patient-centered care to our community. That is what we have always been.