Pharmacy Spotlight: Evans Drugs - Medicine on Time
May 09

Pharmacy Spotlight: Evans Drugs

As the only pharmacy for miles in the small town of Eldorado Springs, MO, Evans Drugs provides an imperative role in the community. Jenny Spencer, a technician at Evans Drugs, sat down with us to explain how her pharmacy has been serving the needs her rural area for decades, all the while continually improving to provide superior service. Actively involved in the community, this pharmacy is well-loved by all. At nearly 600 patients on Medicine-On-Time, this pharmacy has been growing – and there’s no plans of slowing down!

Tell us a little bit about your pharmacy, how long have you been in business, how many team members do you have, anything unique about your community and/or pharmacy location?

This pharmacy has been in business since 1965. I have owned Evans Drugs for seven years, but I have been working in the community for 11 years. We have 20-30 employees, depending on the time of year. Since we are in a rural area, Evans Drugs is the only pharmacy in town.

How has Medicine-On-Time helped grow your pharmacy business?

Medicine-On-Time has given us a chance to get out into the community. We create baskets of samples and pamphlets for doctor’s offices, as well as giving presentations at senior centers and health fairs.

How has your business evolved since using MOT? In other words, where were you when you first joined MOT to now?

Our business has expanded in every direction. We have more staff, we serve more facilities, and we have an expanded pharmacy room dedicated just to Medicine-On-Time.

What are your patient adherence rates for MOT?

We don’t have those exact numbers, but our pharmacists are happy with star rating scores for CMS due to the patients in Medicine-On-Time/MedSync programs.

Recommendations for new pharmacists using Medicine-On-Time

Definitely get all your staff members on board first – once everyone understands how the software and program will help meet the needs of the community, the transition is much easier.

What are your goals for the year?

We have many goals for the year – not just for this location, but in our other locations as well. We will continue to expand the Medicine-On-Time programs across the board. We are showing the community a better perspective of healthcare as a whole, as we are able to provide more organization and more detailed reports to physicians. We look at the patient as a whole once a month to see if there’s any area of healthcare or service that can be improved upon.

Another goal is to assist caregivers, not only in facilitates, but those out in the community. We can improve the caregivers job, so they don’t have to focus so much on the medications and spend more time in other areas of comfort and care.

Finally, we want to help foster children and their foster parents – they usually have to prove that medication was given, and the Medicine-On-Time program keeps everyone on track. An added bonus all around is increased school performance for children who require medication for any reason.