Pharmacy Spotlight: Kirksville Pharmacy - Medicine on Time
Mar 08

Pharmacy Spotlight: Kirksville Pharmacy

Located in the heart of Kirksville, Missouri, lies a unique gem for serving patient needs. Kirksville Pharmacy is the first pharmacy in the area to provide valuable medication adherence solutions and we are ecstatic to see how quickly they became a reliable resource for their community. We interviewed Jessica Buchheit, owner and pharmacist, about the success she and her husband had right from the start!

Tell us about your pharmacy and what makes it so unique.

My husband Chase and I opened Kirksville Pharmacy in October 2016. We currently have four full time technicians, two delivery drivers, and two pharmacists. We have a large space within an urgent care/primary care doctors’ office which has enabled us to quickly grow our business. Although not affiliated with the clinic where we reside, we work closely with the providers and medical personal to ensure safe, appropriate, and innovative medication management. Medicine on Time’s multi-medication bubble packs have been instrumental in helping improve patients and their caregivers’ lives.

How do you market your MOT solution to your community?

At Kirksville, we utilize a multi-faceted approach. We have demo cards, fliers, and posters at the top five busiest clinics in town. We leverage the MOT marketing suite for posts on social media and our website, which gives us web presence. Additionally, I have called local facilities and set up presentations with their staff to highlight the bubble packs, reports, and service we offer with MOT.

In our pharmacy, we have a display in the waiting area of our pharmacy that has nine prescription vials filled with candy next to one MOT high capacity cup with a statement, “Let us help turn hard into easy.” You wouldn’t believe how effective this display has been! It is a great conversation starter and it is actually how we landed our first facility! Finally, we have sent out more than 8,000 Every Door Direct Mailers twice highlighting the services we offer.

How has Medicine-On-Time helped grow your pharmacy business?

Our business has grown immensely since partnering with MOT in March of 2017. We are providing a service in Kirksville that no other pharmacy has tapped into. Prior to offering MOT, facilities were outsourcing to Kansas City, which is three hours away, to receive bubble-packing and report services that state and federal regulations require. Since our partnership, we have brought two large local facilities back to our community. This has been a huge win, not only for us at the pharmacy, but for the facilities and patients we serve. We can reconcile medication changes, acute medication fills, and paperwork requirements all within the same day of the request. Facilities were having to wait up to 72 hours when they outsourced. We are also building meaningful and genuine relationships with the patients we serve.

What advice to you have for pharmacies who are just getting started with Medicine-On-Time?

I have two pieces of advice to pharmacies looking to offer MOT:

Set up a MOT display at a high traffic area in your store. Use candy for the bubble packs so it is safe, playful and fun. The conversations that have been generated because of our display landed us our first big facility and countless other patients who were seeking a way to simplify their medication regimen.

Call local facilities and doctors’ offices to set up a time for a presentation. I used information from the MOT Marketing Toolkit/presentation to prepare a PowerPoint. I also created demonstration bubble-packs filled with candy highlighting the standard capacity, high capacity, and PRN formats. When speaking with facilities, I took numerous copies of demonstration MARs, facility order sheets, delivery manifests, controlled substance count sheets, etc. to demonstrate how the cards work with the reports to create a seamless, simple way to manage medications and meet requirements.
What are your goals for the year?

We have many goals for the upcoming year! To start, we will continue to broaden our MOT facility reach in Northeast Missouri. We also wish to renovate our MOT area to create more space to accommodate our growth, as well as hiring and cross-training technicians in operating MOT. We plan on precepting student pharmacists as clinical extenders to our various services. Finally, we want to attend regional and national conferences to network and stay on the forefront of changes coming down the healthcare pike!