Software Tips & Tricks: How to Correct a Label - Medicine on Time
May 09

Software Tips & Tricks: How to Correct a Label

Medication change? No worries!

Occasionally, during a patient’s medication cycle, a prescriber may change the medication that a patient is taking. If this occurs, then the patient’s cards must be corrected. The facility or caregiver should deliver the patient’s cards to the pharmacy so that the pharmacy may correct them. After the pharmacy receives the cards, they should be adjusted in to Medicine-On-Time system. Check out the following easy steps to handle those medication changes!

Correcting a Label

On the Maintain Card Serial File/Reprint Cards window, “left click” in the Returned column to return the card that needs correcting.

Click “Yes” if you are sure you want to return the card and then enter a date in the box. This should be the date of the next remaining bubble on the returned card. Medicine-On-Time will calculate what pills are remaining on the card based upon the date you entered.

After returning the cards, proceed to enter any new prescription(s) or make changes to existing one(s) and then print card labels by patient to generate the corrected cards.