Software Tips & Tricks: Setting Report Defaults - Medicine on Time
Jun 06

Software Tips & Tricks: Setting Report Defaults

When it seems like the work is piling up and your resources aren’t enough to cover it all, creating effective shortcuts is a must. Even small changes in your daily routine can add up to time saved. Setting report defaults in Medicine-On-Time’s software can improve your efficiency, whether it’s done globally or by the facility.

Medicine-On-Time has many reporting features, so it’s important to know that what you need is readily available. When you print a card label or report, you can have the defaults already set so you don’t need to change them each time.

Setting the Defaults

Follow these simple steps on how to set report defaults globally or by the facility.

To set your defaults globally:

  • Click on File
  • Then click on Output Setup
  • Click the report default you would like to setup

To set your defaults by facility:

  • Go to the Facility tab
  • In the right window, click on Report Settings
  • Choose the forms used for the facility to set the defaults

That’s all it takes to improve efficiency when printing a card label or report in your Medicine-On-Time software!

If you need assistance navigating your Medicine-On-Time software, please contact Customer Support at 800-722-8824 Option 2.