What’s Happening at MOT - Medicine on Time
Jan 16

What’s Happening at MOT

Customer Portal Launch

The New Customer Portal is launching this month! We will be sending a formal email later this month with details and login information.

Marketing Roundtable

Beginning in January 2019, Medicine-On-Time is going to host an inaugural Marketing Roundtable meeting. The meeting will be hosted on a designated date/time each month for one hour.
The Marketing Roundtable (the “Roundtable”) is a monthly, online extended exclusively to current Medicine-On-Time customers. The Roundtable is a virtual forum where customers can exchange ideas, advice, and best practices with other Medicine-On-Time customers.

Medicine-On-Time will moderate the discussion based on a specific predetermined topic each month. In some cases, we may ask a current customer to lead the discussion. Medicine-On-Time will choose the topics or select from a customer’s best practice.

Our first roundtable will be focused on facilities. If interested in participating, please email marketing@medicineontime.com.

EquiPP Seminar

This year we are partnering with EQuiPP to further your education on how to best use your dashboard as well as tips and tricks on finding and identifying new patients that could benefit from compliance packaging.

More information coming soon.