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The Life We Live at Medicine-On-Time

Medicine-On-Time empowers pharmacies to simplify complex medication regimens. For more than three decades, we’ve been committed to improving patient quality of life through safe, accurate solutions to medication management.

How it Works

The Dose Cup

The right dose, at the right time

Able to accommodate complex medication regimens, each detachable dose cup contains the exact meds the patient needs to take and is labeled with the patient’s name, cup contents, and the precise time to take them.

The Calendar

Organized, color-coded convenience

Patients receive their medications monthly, packaged together in Board Approved color-coded calendar cards that indicate the time of day the medications should be taken.

The Service

One visit, all your prescriptions

Pharmacists use the Medicine-On-Time system to synchronize all of a patient’s prescriptions and package them into the proper dosages by time of day. All touchpoints are clearly labeled for convenient, consistent compliance.

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Medicine-On-Time is improving the quality of life for patients and their care providers. Find out more about how Medicine-On-Time can bring simplicity to your life.